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Passion and Purpose with Pamela, the podcast that propels you into action. Here, we don't just talk about living a passionate life; we ignite and act, transforming dreams into realities.

Hosted by Pamela, an empowerment coach with years of experience uplifting others, each episode delves into topics that matter most to women today—reclaiming your sensuality after 40, stepping into your power, or finding that elusive work-life balance through engaging interviews.

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Episode 7:  In this episode of "Passion and Purpose with Pamela," titled "Pathways to Prevention: Unveiling the Secrets of Lifelong Health and Wellness," we are excited to welcome Dr. Sandra M. Rebeor, a distinguished health and wellness expert with an extraordinary journey that extends over two decades. Dr. Rebeor's dedication and expertise in health and wellness have made significant impacts, driven by her deep-seated passion for disease prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Join us as Dr. Rebeor shares her invaluable insights and experiences, guiding us through her comprehensive approach to health and wellness, shaped by her training in preventive medicine and public health during her service in the U.S. Army. This episode promises to enlighten and inspire, offering practical advice and strategies for living a healthier, more fulfilling life.
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Episode 6: In this episode, Pamela opens up about the profound impact of losing her sister and how it reshaped her perspective on life. She discusses meaningful topics such as understanding the significant role you play in your sphere of influence, the necessity of recognizing your self-worth, and the incredible power that women possess.

YouTube: Go to YouTube and search for "Passion and Purpose with Pamela." You can also use the provided link in a web browser: Passion and Purpose with Pamela - YouTube


Episode 5: In this week's episode of "Passion and Purpose with Pamela," we're excited to feature Natasha Lockey, a renowned confidence coach and mountain biking enthusiast. Natasha brings a unique perspective on how the lessons learned from the rugged trails can be applied to everyday life challenges. With over 15 years of experience in coaching and entrepreneurship, she shares her journey of resilience, risk-taking, and growth. Tune in as Natasha discusses her approach to empowering women in their personal and professional lives and the role of natural supplements in enhancing mental and physical well-being. Get inspired and learn how to confidently tackle your goals, as Natasha offers practical advice for thriving in your 'power years.' Join us for an uplifting conversation that's sure to motivate and enlighten!


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  • Yuka: This app can be used to check the organic quality of products you purchase. Please note that Yuka does not vet vitamins or supplements.

Episode 4: In this episode of "Passion and Purpose with Pamela," we are excited to interview Cheryl Rogers. Cheryl's journey is a testament to the profound impact of building connections with family, friends, and beyond. Inspired by her altruistic mother, she has learned the importance of being fully engaged in relationships and dedicated to service. Cheryl offers deep insights and life lessons that are invaluable. We delve into how nurturing meaningful connections can profoundly influence every aspect of life.


Additionally, Cheryl hosts her dynamic podcast, "All About the Experiences: Living Without Limits." Here, she further explores themes of connection and engagement. Drawing from her experiences and those of her guests, Cheryl emphasizes bringing one's entire self to the forefront – your personality, humor, and, crucially, your heart. Join us for this enriching conversation to understand the power of living without limits, driven by passion and purpose.


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Episode 2:

In this episode, hear Denise's story of resilience and her pursuit of reimaged dreams. Our guests will share insights on how to stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and align your daily actions with your ultimate goals. 

Episode 1:

In the first episode, join us as delve deep into the life and career of the remarkable Betsy Vanausdeln. Betsy takes us on a journey back to the early days of her career, sharing the pivotal moments and experiences that shaped her into the inspiring individual she is today.

As we explore the legacy of education and volunteerism, Betsy reflects on the profound impact these pillars have had on her life and the communities she has touched. 

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