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 Are you a woman in a committed relationship? Do you want to fling off the old veil of sexual intimacy patterns and bring the sexy back in you and your relationship? Are you ready to feel sexy? Do you want to keep the love fires burning?

Fall in Love Again: How to Captivate Your Beloved and Get Your Sexy Back is an exclusive invitation for daring, courageous women who want to radically change their relationships.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to re-ignite the passion in your relationship and express more meaningful communication with self-assured confidence in our 5-Step approach that will make you irresistibly desired, uninhibited, playful, and magnetically alluring.


Are you ready?

Love and Happiness
Loving Couple
Loving Couple

What Will You Learn?

  • How to supercharge your connection.

  • Practical ways to communicate your wants and needs to your spouse, while giving you and him the desired experience.

  • Communicate your inner happiness, making you highly desirable to your spouse.

  • Increase your sexual intimacy.

  • Regain the confidence of your younger self and let go of things that do not serve you.


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Fall in Love Again: How to Captivate Your Beloved and Get Your Sexy Back, is a 30-day program for married women that includes 5 modules:


  • Module 1: Re-Ignite the Passion in Your Relationship You will learn how your Mindset influences your sexual decisions with your husband and how to let go of old stories and expectations; to supercharge your connection.


  • Module 2: Creating a Gratifying Culture of Intimacy

Learn step-by-step communication tools and tips for transforming your intimate connection and create practical ways to communicate your wants and needs, while giving you and him the desired experience.


  • Module 3: Love Connecting in Small Ways

  • Module 4: Body, Bath, and Boudior

  • Module 5: Enticing, Sensuous, Sultry You 

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly Meeting with Mentor

  • And much more!


Taking the Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) course was the best investment I could have made.

Each module walked me through areas in my life that needed addressing. For example, Creating a Gratifying Culture of Intimacy = allowed me to think about various ways to set the tone for a romantic evening. Taking time out of my busy day and ensuring I was fully present. 

By the end of the fifth week, I felt more at peace with my body than I had in a long time. My husband and I started to rekindle our relationship and do the things we used to do in the early days of our relationship. 

Looking in the mirror was the most challenging exercise for me. Telling myself I was beautiful, worthy, and sexy was really challenging. I plan on using many of the tools I learned to keep my sexy ongoing and keep my marriage spicy. 

Great class and an excellent format that was easy to use and follow. I recommend it to all women who have lost their spark, need to enhance their relationship, or need a little push to Get Their Sexy Back.

Thank you, Dr. Pamela Hardy-Shepard, for taking me along for the ride!

GYSB Alum,
Bonita Bryant  ​

GYSB Alum,

You changed my outlook on how I view myself at age 61. I always felt more clear in my earlier years about my appearance. 
Your course made me step out of my comfort zone and take steps to begin my transformation.

I took the "Get Your Sexy Back" class with Dr. Pamela Hardy Shepard for five weeks. I cannot say enough about the instructor enough. She is a well-versed, knowledgeable, well-researched Instructor and Professor. She has taught many classes, and I have enjoyed attending the ones she offers. The BEST class I have attended was GYSB class!! My husband has been distant for about five years; after taking this class, reading through the material, and completing the homework, he is a new man!! We are a new couple at the end of our 50s. Celebrating our 30 years of marriage will be even more loving and Blessed. Thank you, Dr. Pamela Hardy Shepard, for your expertise, confidentiality, encouragement, compassion, and above all, for this class!! It rates a 5++ on a scale of 5!


Regular Price: $897 ----> Exclusive SALE Price for First 5 Clients $597 

Next Class Monday, April 24, 2023, delivered in 30-days.



Dr. Pamela Hardy-Shepard is a best-selling author, consultant, life coach, motivational speaker, and expert. She inspires individuals to create their best life through practical strategies.


After being divorced and single for ten years, I was determined not to repeat the mistakes I made in my marriage. Years later, I took pen to paper and interviewed 35 women who shared their intimacy challenges and felt sexy in mid-life. I captured these stories in my well-received book, What She Didn’t Tell You.


My experience was similar to theirs, and I began to feel hopeful that I could have the intimacy I craved in a relationship. As I let go of my old, tired ideas about sexuality, I felt sexy and alive again and remarried at 60!

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