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 What She Didn't Tell You is an incredible compilation of authentic gut-wrenching voices, coupled with unbridled truth from the mouths of women who tell their stories about love, sex, happiness, pain, and life's aha moments. Each interview reveals vulnerability, and the power women possess through maturity and change. Once you pick this book up, you will not put it down until you finish.


This book looks at women's past and present lives who have elegantly leaned into their forty-fifth birthday and beyond. These women were selected because of their life experience, insight, and wisdom. 


Women interviewed vary in their experience, education, and marital status, and each woman openly provided discernment coupled with brutal honesty. They collectively share their experience of being a woman:

Growing into womanhood, what it is like to be married or single.

  • Keeping or losing friendships.

  • Ideas on spiritual health and maturity.

Their truthfulness is profound and rich in advice for women living and loving in the 21st century.

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