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Congratulations Betsy!

In just her 4th week of class, Betsy wrote a grant and won $10,000!

Grant Writing Made Easy As 1-2-3


New Class Begins Soon!

Do You...

  • want to learn how to write a grant application but didn't know where to start? 

  • want to ascertain funding for your new project?

  • Are you an individual who wants to learn?

  • Are you a nonprofit who needs training?

 In our course:​​

  • you will learn from an experienced grant writer

  • we help you provide a clear sense of purpose for your proposal

  • meets every week on Zoom to ensure you are on track

  • we review each section of your proposal to keep you on track

  • you will receive individual attention to your proposal

 Our course will...

  • assist you in achieving your grant writing goals

  • teach you how to research and write for business, personal, community, educational, and real estate

We understand you have a busy life!



Course Summary

This course examines effective strategies of the grant writing process. The course covers local, state, federal, and private funding research. You will learn how to plan, prepare, research, and write a successful grant proposal for funding. Throughout the course, you will find tools, techniques, and strategies to make your journey a success. The course includes 48 lessons, including grant writing templates, videos, and weekly Zoom sessions to keep you on track, with bonus material on nonprofits.

The 2024 grant list is here!
USA Grant Applications 

Will you let funding slip between your fingers again?  Enroll now!


Knowledge  Begins Here

Change Happens One Step at a Time


You Can Do This!

BIG Idea

Grant Writing Skills 

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